Invest in yourself!

Blue Sky Retreat mission statement: A place for women to renew, refresh and refocus. Discover the Art of Living Well thru nature, yoga, meditation and art.

For women of all ages, give yourselves permission to take the time to nourish your soul and honor the goddess within! To start your journey Blue Sky Retreat has prepared day retreats to help you achieve this goal.

Your Blue Sky escape will include:

-Spectacular hillside views with sunrise yoga in the meadow.

-Meditations overlooking a pond, gardens and rolling hills.

-Knowledgeable speakers help you ignite life changes thru education.

-Hands-on simple art projects with a focus on nature.

-Free time to hike or just relax, breathing in the nature surrounding you. 

-A light breakfast on the deck enjoying panoramic views.

Our hope and wish for you at the close of your day, is a greater connection first to yourself, then to others, and this wonderful planet!

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