Blue Sky Custom Art Menu

1) Get you group of 2 -10 friends.
2) Choose from the Makery Menu what creative activities your group would like to do.
3) Choose the date and time you would like for your party. (please provide 1 or 2 options for scheduling.)
4) Email Patty at Blue Sky
5) Patty will confirm the details and that’s it! You and your friends are ready to enjoy for a Makery Party!

Blue Sky provide all the necessary equipment, supplies, large workspace and hands on instructions for your projects. You will have at least one hour to explore the many scenic trails on the 100 acre property or use your time to relax and connect under one of six gazebos all with spectacular views. We also supply snacks, coffee, water and soda. Feel free to bring along your favorite beverage. Class length is 1 hour to complete each project unless otherwise specified.

Feel free to email Patty for further details or pictures of crafts

Makery Menu



Boro Stitching/Embroidery

Grab your totes, shirts or jeans with holes, rips or bleach stains.  Learn how to add creative stitching and patches to upcycle your wardrobe.

$30 (2 hours)

Bees Wax Wraps

Useable, washable fabric wraps for food storage


Wool Dryer Balls

Eco-friendly balls to use in your dryer to soften clothes


Lino Printed Tote

Carve your own stamp, add paint and print on a tote


Lino Printed cards

Carve your own stamp and stamp a set of 8 cards



Hanging moss ball with plant


Clay Plant Markers

For use indoors or outdoors


Pressed Flower cards

Flowers and leaves gathered in our gardens. Dried then placed on a set of 8 cards.


Pressed Flower Bookmarks

Gather flowers/leaves in our gardens, dry them arrange and seal them to make 4 bookmarks.


Herbal Bath Brews

Mixture of salts and herbs in a decorative bottle


Sweet Dream Pillow

Small pillow filled with herbs to help you sleep


Toilet Cleaning Bomb

Eco-friendly ingredients for household cleaning