For women of all ages, give yourself permission to take the time to nourish your soul! To start your journey, Blue Sky Retreat has prepared retreats to help you achieve this goal.

A Blue Sky day will include:
-Spectacular hillside views with a sunrise in the meadow.
-Time spent overlooking the gardens and rolling hills.
-Free time to hike or just relax, breathing in the nature surrounding you.

Our hope and wish for you at the close of your day is a greater connection – to yourself, to others, and our wonderful planet!

Make it a Blue Sky Day

Blue Sky Retreat

Extraordinary women deserve an magical experience. We transformed a 1900’s farmstead nestled in a quiet valley into a sanctuary helping you to renew, refresh and refocus. Whether you are a tired mother, a stressed businesswoman, a retiree looking for a new experience or a group of women wanting to relax and reconnect, Blue Sky has a retreat just for you. A typical Blue Sky Retreat starts at 7 AM with Yoga/stretching and completes at 12:00 PM following a relaxing final meditation. Enjoy a nature focused craft with free time to rest or hike the 110 acres of hills and valleys. We have gathered passionate, fun, enthusiastic speakers who will gift their knowledge to you on a variety of subjects. You deserve a Blue Sky day!

See Date and Details for more information.

Blue Sky Makery Retreat

Unique Art and Craft Retreat

Art, Crafts, and Laughter at the farm! Blue Sky provides all the necessary equipment, supplies, large workspace and hands on instructions for your projects.   You will have at least one hour to explore the many scenic trails on the 110 acre property or use your time to relax and connect  under one of six gazebos  all with spectacular views. We also supply snacks, coffee, water and soda.   Feel free to bring along your favorite beverage. 

See Date and Details for more information.

Blue Sky Custom Makery Retreat

A Makery Retreat built for your schedule

1) Get your group of 2 -10 friends.
2) Choose from the Makery Menu what creative activities your group would like to do.
3) Choose the date and time you would like for your retreat. (please provide 1 or 2 options for scheduling.)
4) Email Patty at Blue Sky
5) Patty will confirm the details and that’s it! You and your friends are ready to enjoy for a Makery Retreat!

See Custom Makery Menu for more information.

Blue Sky Escape Retreat 

A Weeknight getaway

Ladies get your peeps together and have some fun!! Join us on weeknights from 6-9pm for an escape from the boring. Your Escape will include – a entertaining activity, a nature inspired craft and free time to hike the trails or relax in a beautiful gazebo surrounded by your friends and nature. Snacks and non-alcoholic beverages will be provided. Feel free to bring your favorite beverage to enjoy during the evening.

See Date and Details for more information.